PJSC 'Magnit' Announces the Acquisition of Shares by JSC 'Tander'

11.01.19 13:15

PJSC 'Magnit' Announces the Acquisition of Shares by JSC 'Tander'

11-Jan-2019 / 15:11 MSK
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Press Release | Krasnodar | January 11, 2019


PJSC "Magnit" Announces the Acquisition of Shares by JSC "Tander"

Krasnodar, Russia (January 11, 2019): Magnit PJSC (MOEX and LSE: MGNT; Issuer; Company; Group), one of Russia's leading retailers, announces the acquisition of shares by the entity under its control (JSC "Tander").


Full Company Name and Address

Joint Stock Company "Tander"

185 Levanevskogo street, Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Taxpayer Id. Number


Principal State Registration Number


Object of Acquisition

Ordinary Registered Uncertified Voting Shares

State Registration No.

1-01-60525-P of 04.03.2004

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)


Date of Acquisition

January 10, 2019

Date of the Fact being Reported to the Issuer

January 11, 2019

Number of Acquired Shares

12 277 shares

0.012047% of the total number of voting shares

Basis for Acquisition

Agreement No. 7700976 TAN of September 04, 2018 on opening a brokerage account and terms of brokerage between JSC "Tander" and Renaissance Broker LLC

Number of Votes before Acquisition

3,273,427 votes

3.212034%of the total number of votes

Number of Votes after Acquisition

3,285,704 votes

3.224080% of the total number of votes




For further information, please contact


Petr Molchanov    Alisa Kvadzba   Media Inquiries

Chief Investment Officer  IR manager   Media Relations Department

Email: molchanov_ps@magnit.ru  Email: magnitIR@magnit.ru  Email: press@magnit.ru

Office: +7-861-277-4554 x 45000  Office: +7-861-277-4554 x 17601


Note to editors:

Public Joint Stock Company "Magnit" is one of Russia's leading retailers. Founded in 1994, the company is headquartered in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar. As of September 30, 2018, Magnit operated 37 distribution centers and 17,442 stores (12,813 convenience, 457 supermarkets and 4,172 drogerie stores) in 2,866 cities and towns throughout 7 federal regions of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the reviewed IFRS consolidated financial statements for 1H 2018, Magnit had revenues of RUB 595 billion and an EBITDA of RUB 44 billion. Magnit's local shares are traded on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX: MGNT) and its GDRs on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: MGNT) and it has a credit Rating from Standard & Poor's of BB.


ISIN: US55953Q2021
Category Code: MSCU
LEI Code: 2534009KKPTVL99W2Y12
OAM Categories: 3.1. Additional regulated information required to be disclosed under the laws of a Member State
Sequence No.: 7140
EQS News ID: 765393

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